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"Bill is a wonderful teacher: such a calm, soothing and informing presence. Terrific program, Ruth. Glad you put it together!"

Maureen McIver 2020-2021 BVI Student 

"BVI is an incredible Ayurvedic school. The curriculum is thorough and well-rounded with awesome instructors who are all practicing in their field - not simply armchair specialists. Like any program or school, you will get out of it what you put into it. The teachers are very thorough in their instruction and with more student engagement - you can really get a full gamut out of the course of study. Be prepared for way too much information. Now, 1 ½ years out of school, my education is still continuing. I am grateful for the solid foundation found through BVI.

Austin Peltier 2017-2018 BVI Graduate

"I interviewed a few other schools before calling BVI. It was the phone call with Ruth, BVI Director, that pulled me in. She gave thorough explanation of the program, and I immediately felt like I would be part of family and not a number learning Ayurveda. We sat for meals together and joined in community while learning. This is in-depth study with Directors and teachers that want to help you learn and succeed."

Jane Donnell 2018-2019  BVI Graduate

"This program was an excellent place to start my journey into Ayurveda. As a nurse and a yoga teacher, the knowledge I have gained is this program will be invaluable to both nursing and yoga. The instructors were all fabulous, and having a mix of traditional Vaidya (doctors) and western practitioners made the information presented rich and multifaceted. I feel confident in going ahead in my own personal practice of being an Ayurvedic Health Consultant thanks to this program and the amazing faculty."

Jocelyn Egle 2018-2019 BVI Graduate

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