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for its

2020-2021 Certificate Program in Ayurveda

Program begins on August 20-30, 2020 

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BVI's Program, "Ayurveda: The Science of Life"

has been designed with a broad audience of people in mind

and is suitable for Healthcare Educators and Medical Professionals,

Dietitians, Wellness Practitioners,

Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors,

Parents, and Health-Conscious Individuals.

BVI's Professional

"Ayurvedic Health Consultant" (AHC) Program

BVI's  "Ayurvedic Health Consultant" Certificate Program is for aspiring professionals  who seek to help themselves and their families, and their clients transition to a holistic way of life. Those who  follow the Professional Program track and successfully complete the  all of the course requirements, including an internship, are awarded the AHC Certificate.


The BVI School of Ayurveda's

Ayurvedic Health Consultant (ACH) Program consists of: 

  • 269 hours of Classroom Instruction and Course Conferences

  • Internship of 50 Clinical Client Encounter units (75 hrs., estimated)

  •   Coursework, Individual Conferences, directed Final Project, Presentation, and Internship



Students who have completed all or a portion of an Ayurvedic Program

of study offered by another institution in the US or abroad may, on a

case-by-case assessment basis, have certain modules of the

Institute’s Program waived along with the equivalent proportion of tuition.

The BVI School of Ayurveda Catalog

contains all necessary information

about the BVI School of Ayurveda

and our Ayurveda Program

which you want to know:

Our Catalog includes information about the:

  • Bodhananda Vedic Institute and the School facility;

  • BVI Faculty members and their credentials;

  • BVI's Program Certificates awarded; 

  • Tuition and tuition payment methods;

  • Course dates, and which courses held via webinar and which are held on site; 

  • Detailed description of each weekend course; 

  • Application and Enrollment Forms; 

  • Recognition of prior training;

  • Graduation Requirements,

                                          ….and more.

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Catalog & Application Form 

for our Level 1

Certificate Program in Ayurveda 

*The Bodhananda Vedic Institute School of Ayurveda and it's Ayurvedic Health Counselor program (level 1) is an Organizational Member of NAMA. 

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