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Wikipedia Article On Ayurveda: Here

Wikipedia on Herbal Medicine: Here

Wikipedia Article on Alternative Medicine: Here

Wikipedia on Mind-Body Medicine: Here

National Membership Organizations


NAASC: National AssocIation of Ayurvedic Schools and Colleges: 

NAMA: National Ayurvedic Medical Association: Here

AAPNA: Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners of North America: Here

Wikipedia Link: Here

Sources for Herbs


Banyan Botanicals: Here

Natural Bloom: Here

Himalayan Health Care: Here

Om Organics: Here

Journals, Magazines, Libraries


IJAR International Journal of Ayurvedic Research: Here

NLAM National Library of Ayurvedic Medicine: Here

Ayurveda Magazine and Health Tourism: Here

Ayurveda & Yoga: Here

International Catalogue of Ayurvedic Publications Jamnagar: Here

Ayurveda Today Magazine (Facebook): Here

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*The Bodhananda Vedic Institute School of Ayurveda and it's Ayurvedic Health Counselor program (level 1) is an Organizational Member of NAMA. 

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